Mutual Help Association

Brief History and Activities of Sze-to Clan Mutual Help Association

Post the second world war, Kau Luen Tong Sze-to Clan Guild was facing increasing financing difficulty to support its activities. In 1948, a proposal was then mooted to set up an affiliated Mutual Help Association (MHA) to help to finance the activities of the Clan. The MHA membership was open to all Kau Luen Tong members between age of 16 to 50 years.  Monthly subscription was S$3.50 per member. The objectives are to provide mutual benefits and financial hardship and funeral expense for deceased members.  MHA was subsequently registered under the Mutual Benefit Organisation Act on 4th September 1962 (UEN: S62MBO258G).  The rules and governance of MHA is detailed in the Constitution section.

With a strong membership support and in a better financial position MHA took over the 85 Club Street property and the responsibility of repaying of all the loans taken previously.  This move had later made it possible in 1985 for the Clan to purchase a new property at Horne Road.  In 1968, MHA celebrated the 20 years anniversary. Below is the report of the event.

Due to the Rent Control Act which forbade the eviction of the tenants, hence the rental income from 85 Club Street was limited.  However, in 1988, the Rent Control Act was repealed and hence offered MHA the opportunity to recover and evict all the sitting old tenants. Various options arise. Finally, after due consideration the members decided to rebuild and to conserve the building, both for sentimental and historical reasons as well as a source for future income.  A Conservation committee as set up to raise funds for the rebuilding.  As done in the past, interest free loans from members were sourced to fund the estimated $500,000 cost. After much effort to evict the tenants the building was rebuilt modified into 5 separate units. The project was completed in late 1994.

Since then, MHA diligently managed the funds and was able to repay fully all the loans from the members. With a healthy rental income, more activities were implemented. This includes the distribution of yearly lunar Ang Pows (red packets) to senior MHA members above 70 years old.  Besides supporting the Clan’s local activities, MHA had also organized trips to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kaiping (China), Macau, USA and Canada to promote clanship and ancestor root tracing. In August 2017, MHA supported the Clan to successfully host the 10th World Seet. Szeto Funglun Convention in Singapore. (details in Gallery section). MHA will continue to engage its members, esp the younger members in its activities.






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